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Vacuum Insulating Glass

Revolutionary  vacuum insulating glass helps world carbon reduction and sustainable development.


What is Vacuum glazing?

Different from insulated glass,vacuum insulating glass panels are sealed insulated panels containing 0.15mm- 0.3mm internal vacuum space , 10^(-4)Pa high vacuum degree ensures excellent thermal property and soundproof performance.

Vacuum double glazing will help creating comfortable living environment,reduce carbon emission and contribute to sustainable development.


Innovative vacuum glazing from China,next generation energy efficient glass for your buildings.

U value =0.47w/m2.K
Sound reduction >36Dbs
Minimum weight 15Kgs/M2
-70℃ no condensation
Minimum strength >90Mpa
Lifetime > 25 years
No contraction & expansion
24000 SQM monthly output
vacuum glazing solutions-HAANGLAS BASIC

HaanGlas Basic

vacuum glazing solutions-HAANGLAS PRO

HaanGlas PRO

Why HaanGlas VIG is different?

Criteria Description VIG 1 VIG 2 HaanGlas Basic HaanGlas PRO
Glass Type Glass strength Annealed Tempered Tempered Tempered
Seal Type Glass strength Glass solder Metal Glass solder Metal
Vacuum Port Glass Lifetime No Yes No No
Min Thickness Glass Applicability 3+3 4+4 4+4 3+3
Pillar distance Glass Visibility 20*20mm 50*50mm 40*40mm 50*50mm
U value Thermal Property 0.7W/M2.K 0.4W/M2.K 0.5W/M2.K 0.47W/M2.K


Vacuum glazing Min thickness 6.3mm

Minimum 3+0.3V+3mm fully tempered vacuum glazing for renovation projects & refrigeration industry.


Low temperature edge sealing

Edge sealing finished with low temperature metal to avoid glass anneal and stable quality.


No evacuation holes,flat glass

No evacuation holes to keep absolute flat glass surface, <0.001 glass overall flatness .


Max 1500*2500mm vacuum glass

New generation vacuum production lines produce max 1500*2500mm VIG.


Fully tempered glass,high strength

Tempered vacuum glass ,high and even strength.Protect your property and body.


  • Up to 60% energy costs saving

  • Avoid tenant lost &Disturbing daily life

  • Decreasing installation time and costs

  • Comply with carbon tax laws

  • Much faster payback time

  • Increase property value

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Vacuum glazing in commercial renovation,house retrofit and BIPV contribute to Net Zero

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Architectural Solutions

Whether it’s historical windows restoration, or new commercial & residental building renovation,vacuum glazing is always the ideal choice.

  • Historical building renovation without chaning original windows&door frames, keeping its original appearance but make it less energy consumption.

  • Achieve passive house standard requirement with much thinner frames and less costs,vacuum glass helps in LEED projects.

castle renovation-China vacuum glass
modern architectural glass application

Home appliance Solutions

Low thermal conducvity and no condensation at -60℃ expands its application in home appliance.

  • Vacuum glazing with high performance  low-E coating decreased thermal exchange significantly,no condensation,no dew at glass surface.

  • 6.3mm tempered vacuum insulating glass fit thinner frames ,perfect combination of elegant appearance and cooling efficiency.

  • 80% light transmittance, no evacuation holes gives home appliance better visual effect.

SUPERMARKET cabinet with vacuum insulating glass
wine cabinet with vacuum glass

Solar solutions

Combine with solar industry,vacuum insulating glass can not only save energy,but also generate solar energy combine with solar glass.

  • Solar collectors: Replacing the 3.2mm monolithic glass panels, vacuum insulated glass helps keeping heat and water temperature in winter .

  • Insulated glass panels with vacuum glazing and BIPV glass,especially Cdte solar glass, laminated glass with solar cells, the glass keep interior confortable temperature and generate solar power.

BIPV glass -vacuum laminated glass
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