Vacuum Insulating Glass Compare- Basic VS Pro

HaanGlas is world famous vacuum insulated glass manufacturer and supplier in China, till now,HaanGlas VIG has been exported to Europe,North America,Middle East and is becoming customers’ priority when considering VIG in their vacuum sealed windows or new constructions.

Since the world first piece 1000*1000mm vacuum insulated glass been manufactured in 1993, the manufacturing technology,production technology and application is increasing every year,especially since 2018 when more and more scientist enter the VIG industry,more and more excellent VIG products was invented and been applied.

HaanGlas now offer two types vacuum insulated glass to customers,HaanGlas VIG Basic and HaanGlas VIG Pro,while many customers rarely know the difference between them ,even if know little about vacuum glazing,this post will introduce the main difference between HaanGlas products and main application.

HaanGlas Basic VS HaanGlas Pro-vacuum insulating glass

HaanGlas Basic VS HaanGlas Pro-vacuum insulating glass

Advantages compared with world existing vacuum glass products

1.Whether Basic or Pro, both VIG options are flat glass ,no evacuation holes and end caps .

The biggest advantage is ,vacuum insulated glass is sealed in high temperature and high vacuum condition,the advantages of this design include:

1.1: Each vacuum insulating glass panels has exactly same U value and same performance,the glass produced and delivered by HaanGlas has same performance as the ones on our test report.

1.2:No evacuation holes design helps decreasing glass breakage and failing ratio.The concentrated stress around evacuation holes will cause glass breakage,and if it’s not sealed perfectly,the end cap will become the main points causing glass failing.

1.3:No evacuation holes design facilitate the glass loading,packing,delivery and installation.The end caps is not strong enough to resist the force during handling and installation,flat glass enables smooth installation.


2.Both Basic and Pro realized tempered vacuum insulated glass.

Safety is the most important when designing and applying glass in facades and windows&doors,traditional VIG are always annealed and cannot be installed in high rise buildings,the poor impact resistance will cause serious damage to people .

HaanGlas Basic and Pro are tempered vacuum insulated glass,glass will break into small particles

HaanGlas Basic and Pro are tempered vacuum insulated glass,glass will break into small particles

Tempered vacuum insulating glass offers better strength,even though VIG mechanical strength still cannot compete with normal tempered glass,but fragments after breakage ensures no serious injury happens.


 3.Both Basic and Pro realized excellent thermal property.

More and more technology were invented to help further increasing popular IGU performance,whether it’s spacing systems: warm edge spacer, TPS,4SG, or filling argon to replace air,using high performance low-E coating and triple glazing ,while all these measures cannot realize qualitative change to the glass U value.

The result is 0.1-0.2 U value decrease ,or related materials costs increase,especially windows&doors frame and hardware price will increase significantly.

Both Basic and Pro realized U value decrease from normal 2.6W/M2.K to below 0.6W/M2.K,while VIG thickness keeps below 10mm.

Each piece VIG will be tested before delivery,the temperature differnce of VIG front and back can reach 90℃

Each piece VIG will be tested before delivery,the temperature differnce of VIG front and back can reach 90℃

By making it into hybrid vacuum insulating glass,VIG edge thermal conductivity will decrease again and further contribute to better windows&doors overall thermal insulation performance.

Difference between VIG Basic & VIG PRO

Even though Basic and Pro has great advantage compared with others,there’s still many difference between Basic and Pro.

Glass solder edge sealing VIG & metal edge sealed Vacuum glass,both are tempered vacuum glass

Glass solder edge sealing VIG & metal edge sealed Vacuum glass,both are tempered vacuum glass

  1. Appearance difference.

    • Edge deleting. HaanGlas Basic edge is 15mm wide,while Pro edge is only 10mm.Pro is more suitable for special applications that don’t allow wide edges.
    • Pillars: Basic use ceramic pillars,distance 40*40mm,while Pro use round metal pillars,distance 50*50mm.
    • Basic version has stripe getter along glass bottom edge,while Pro use 12mm diameter getters.

More difference are listed in below tables:

Edge SealingLow Temperature Glass SolderLow Temperature Metal
Best U value0.58W/M2.K0.47W/M2.K
Min Thickness8.15mm6.3mm
PillarsCeramics, 40*40mmMetal,50*50mm
LeadContain LeadNo Lead

  1. Performance difference.

Customers may have appearance preference when choosing the right vacuum insulated glass in their projects,while beside appearance,the performance is even more important.

U value performance. Basic best U value is 0.58W/M2.K with single silver low-E coatings.For production technic reason, Basic version cannot produce VIG with dual silver low-E coatings which has better emissivity resulting in better U value, and lower SHGC under the same light transmittance conditions.

HaanGlas Pro can adopt both single and dual silver low-E and offer more excellent U value to customers.

  1. Materials -Environmental friendly

The sealing materials for Basic contain lead,which maybe unacceptable to some customers.Even though the glass will be sealed with silicon and won’t leak ,glass lifetime also reach 25 years and even longer,Lead is not allowed in some countries.

  1. Safety breakage.

The existing vacuum insulating glass standards, ISO 19916-1-2008 don’t have safety requirement ,but architects still prefer using safety glass in buildings.Even though Basic is safety tempered glass,but it still cannot pass the impact test.After glass breaking, the largest 10 particles weight is higher than standard requirement.

This is related to the glass tempering strength ,and glass been annealed during sealing process.That’s the reason that we don’t suggest applying HaanGlas Basic in high rise buildings.

It’s suggested to making it into hybrid vacuum insulating glass and add exterior tempered glass to have better strength and realize safety breakage under impact.

  1. Price difference.

HaanGlas VIG Basic price is 15% better than BIG PRO,this is decided by the sealing materials costs,glass production efficiency and also the infects of Basic.


HaanGlas is keeping researching and improving the glass performance, New VIG production line will start since November.The new line will improve BASIC performance in below points:

  1. Realize safety breakage and ensure Basic pass EN12600 and ANSI Z97.1 requirement.
  2. Improve glass appearance and decrease edge deleting width from 15mm to 12mm.
  3. Adopt new pillar,whether pillar shapes and performance will increase much.
  4. Production efficiency will increase significantly,yearly output reach 300,000 sqm.

We understand that vacuum insulating glass still has shortage ,will work hard to optimize the production technic,production efficiency to apply more vacuum insulating glass in more buildings.

HaanGlas is your turnkey vacuum glazing manufacturer and supplier,kindly contact us for your next great building.