BS ISO19916-1-2018 Glass in building — Vacuum insulating glass

For many years,there’s no detailed international standard for vacuum insulating glass,because of various processing methods and limited application.with the development of vacuum insulating glass,more and more national standard were established to set up the basic rules and standards,including:

  • BS ISO19916-1-2018 Glass in building — Vacuum insulating glass
  • GB/T 38586-2020:China national standard for vacuum insulating glass

This posts include basic info of BS ISO19916-1-2018 Glass in building — Vacuum insulating glass

Part 1: Basic specification of products and evaluation methods for thermal and sound insulating performance

BSI Standards Publication

BSI Standards Publication

Basic content:

  1. Description of components:Glass types and characteristics,pillars,edge seal,evacuation port and getter.
  2. Optical and thermal properties: Calculation method for U value.
  3. Dimensional requirements: Thickness, limit deviation on thickness ,width.length and displacement.
  4. Durability: test method.
  5. Measurement of sound insulation.

And also test methods:

Annex A (normative) Determination of steady-state U-value (thermal transmittance) —Heat flow meter method and guarded hot plate method.
Annex B (normative) Test method for durability
Annex C (informative) Calculation method for thermal transmittance (U-value)
Annex D (informative) Contribution from the edges to the measurement of the thermaltransmittance (U-value) of vacuum insulating glass
Annex E (informative) Maximum deviation in the measured thermal transmittance(U-value) of a vacuum insulating glass due to non-uniformities in the heat flow through the pillar array.

Download:BS ISO19916-1-2018

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China also issued vacuum insulating glass standard:GB38586-2020

The standard listed more quality related standard about vacuum insulating glass,such as:

  • VIG appearance quality
  • Overall bow : <3‰
  • Thermal insulation performance classification
  • Soundproof performance: >35Dbs
  • Durability: Thermal insulation performance change ≤10%
  • Inspection rules ,labels,packaging etc

Download GB38586-2020 vacuum insulating glass:   GB38586-2020

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