Grant Deneau Tower will be renovated with HaanGlas VIG

Over 40,000 sqf HaanGlas VIG will be installed to replace original single glazing on Grant Deneau Tower in 2023.

Built by developers Richard Grant and Paul Deneau in 1969,Grant Deneau Tower was Dayton’s tallest skyscraper and first modern office tower.In 2016,the Grant Deneau Tower was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Located at the southeast corner of Fourth and Ludlow Streets in downtown Dayton, 40 West Fourth Centre ,is a 22 story concrete and glass skyscraper with a parking garage attached to the rear, south side. The north and south facades are constructed of glass curtain walls within a steel frame. The east and west facades are windowless of brick construction. The multi-story parking lot is of concrete construction.

The building has undergone two renovations, in about 1978-1979 and in 1997. In 1978-1979, the open,two story portico at the intersection of Ludlow and Fourth Street was partly enclosed with the glass curtain wall to expand the entrance lobby .In 1997, the lobby was once again remodeled and a teleconferencing center and health spa were added within the existing perimeter of the building.

Now 2023,Grant Deneau tower got the 3rd times renovation with the help of more than $3.7 million in state historic preservation tax credits from Ohio.The building will be converted into new 11 floors of commercial space and offices, and over 100 new apartments.

HaanGlas VIG will contribute to the renovation work,the single glazing & windows frame don’t allow owners to install popular double glazing and triple glazing, think and light vacuum glazing becomes the only perfect option to save costs and time.

VIG can decrease the installation time and costs without changing original window and keep historical appearance.New VIG has dark gray appearance ,0.5W/M2.K excellent U value and 0.40 SHGC to control both thermal conductivity and direct solar energy transmittance,The excellent thermal performance will help decreasing the cooling and heating costs in the next decades,even though the initial investment is comparative higher,the future saved energy costs deserves the investment, renovated Luxury apartments will have increased property value and much faster payback time.

HaanGlas VIG that will be installed in Grant Deneau tower

HaanGlas VIG that will be installed in Grant Deneau tower

The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program offered more than $3.7 million tax credit in the renovation work.The program provides a state tax credit up to 25% of qualified rehabilitation expenditures incurred during a rehabilitation project, up to $5 million.

Till now 587 projects have been awarded in the past 29 rounds funding,Grant-Deneau Tower was awarded in the round 29 and is the only project in Dayton.

The success of Grant Deneau Tower will be landmark in VIG development,more historical projects and commercial renovation projects will start considering VIG in the future.