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HaanGlas  Innovative Tempered Vacuum Insulating Glass

HaanGlas vacuum insulating glass products
  • Minimum 3+0.3V+3mm

  • No Evacuation holes design

  • Fully toughened VIG

  • Low temperature metal sealing

  • Maximum size 1700*3200mm

  • 0.47 w/M2.K thermal transmission

  • 39Dbs high soundproof

  • No condensation under -60℃

  • Lami VIG +IGU available

  • 90% yield ratio

  • 15% cheaper price

  • <0.001 glass flatness

  • No expansion and contraction

  • 25 years super long life

  • 15 years worry free warranty

Why Vacuum glass

Compared with triple glazed units,vacuum insulating glass is definitaly a wise choice for your projects,whether it’s architectural,greenhouse,refrigeration,BIPV etc.

Vacuum glass solutions-China HaanGlas


Vacuum Glass


Triple Glass Unit


LT % 80% 55%
Thickness-mm 8.3 47
Weight -kgs 20 37.5
U value W/m2.K 0.47 0.60
SHGC 0.57 0.32
Soundproof -Dbs 39 38
Deflection No Yes
Triple glazed units-HaanGlas

HaanGlas Core Technologies

  • Low Temperature Metal Edge Sealing Technology: Preventing glass annealing during production,keep uniform strength.

  • One Step Production Technology: Glass sealed in 10-4Pa high vacuum environment,keep uniform glass performance.

  • No Evacuation Hole Design: Ensure flat surface,ensuring low spontaneous breakage,long lifetime.

  • All Tempered Vacuum Glass: Higher impact resistance/wind resistance/ strength, wide appcalition.

  • Complicated Tempered Vacuum Glass:  VIG+ Lami, VIG+ IGU, VIG+ BIPV to further increase its functional and safety performance.

  • Lead Free design:  Environmental friendly lead free sealing materials,contribute to sustainable development.

Vacuum Glass Performance

Glass LT % LR % Tsol % U value SHGC Weight
4 S1.16+0.3V+4 80 13 52 0.49 0.57 20Kgs/SQM
4 S83+0.3V+4 77 12 53 0.71 0.57 20Kgs/SQM
4 D80+0.3V+4 69 13 32 0.47 0.37 20Kgs/SQM


Vacuum Sealed Windows

Innovative glass fiber reinforced PU windows ,with hybrid vacuum insulating units,make it the world best passive house windows with shocking superior performance.

Glass firber reinforced PU windows with hybrid vacuum insulating glass-Haan

Vacuum sealed windows performance

Criteria Performance
Windows frame Glassfiber reinforced PU tile & turn windows -65 series
Glass 5 LE +16AR+ 5LE+0.3V+5 Hybrid VIG -U value 0.4w/m2.k
Structural performance GB/T 31433-2015 ,  >5.0Kpa
Air tightness GB/T7106-2019,     0.42M3/M2.h
Water tightness GB/T7106-2019,    700Pa
Sound proof performance GB/T 8485-2008,  Rw =36(-2,-3) Db
U value GB/T 8484-2020, K =0.89W/(M2.K)

VIG Test Reports

What’s your difference between HaanGlas and other vacuum glass?2021-12-23T04:08:04+00:00

HaanGlas vacuum glass are fully tempered,Minimum 6.3mm, no evacuation holes and Max size 2500*3500,while price is much lower than our competitors,all these make us different.

Will the pillars inside the glass affect visual effect?2021-12-04T13:51:40+00:00

No.Our pillars diameter is 0.5mm with 50mm distance.They’re not noticed at a distance of 1.2M,wont affect visual effect.

Meanwhile our vacuum glass don’t contain evacuation holes,you’ll only see a round 12mm gutter in the glass.

Can I install vacuum glass on existing frames ?2021-12-04T13:51:23+00:00

Yes,our vacuum glass thickness is 6.3mm -10.3mm.It’s even thinner than normal laminated glass.

The vacuum glass can almost fit any windows frames ,whether it’s already installed ,or new constructions.

What shall I do if glass failed?2021-12-23T04:09:15+00:00

Please collect the photos and videos,as well as the size list to replace.

HaanGlas offer 15 years warranty,once confirming that it’s vacuum glass quality problem,we will replace and deliver glass for free.

How can I judge the vacuum insulating glass failed?2021-12-23T04:09:31+00:00

The main problem of vacuum insulating glass is glass spontaneous breakage,whether it’s caused by Nis or uneven pressure,or installation reason.

If vacuum glass failed, the pillars will drop immediately and in cold winters,condensation will appear inside the vacuum glass.

Haanglas offer 15 years warranty ,if glass failed,please contact us for free replacement.

What the glass U value means?2021-12-04T13:49:10+00:00

U value means the heat transmitted through the glass,the less the better.

Normal 6-12-6 insulated glass has an U value 1.65w/m2.k, triple glazing(thickness 48mm) with 2 low-E coating is 0.65w/m2.k.

Vacuum glass U value can be 0.47 w/m2.k-double silver low-E, 0.71w/m2.k- Online low-E.

Can I have different colors and light transmittance?2021-12-04T13:46:55+00:00

Yes,our vacuum glass coating database include single silver,double silver,triple silver,online low-E coatings with different light transmittance and SHGC.

Low-E coating on body tinted glass (blue,grey,bronze,greenetc)  is also available to suite different climate.

What’s the maximum size of your vacuum glass?2022-03-11T07:16:25+00:00

HaanGlas vacuum glass Min size 300*300mm, Max size 1700*3200mm,Minimum settle area 0.3sqm/pcs, monthly output 20,000sqm.

For safety & quality concern ,our recommended max size are:

3+0.3V+3 fully tempered vacuum glass:1000 *1500mm.

4+0.3V+4 fully tempered vacuum glass:1000 *2000mm.

5+0.3V+5 fully tempered vacuum glass:1500*2500mm.

Can you produce complicated vacuum glass?2021-12-04T13:54:48+00:00

Yes,despite normal 6.3mm,8.3mm,10.3mm, the vacuum glass can be further processed to be laminated vacuum glass,vacuum insulated glass,vacuum fireproof glass,vacuum BIPV glass,vacuum thermochromic glass etc.

What’s the price of vacuum glass?2021-12-04T13:54:27+00:00

Vacuum glass price is decided by the size varieties,project quantity,and project location.

Every project is different,please submit your project info ,our sales will answer very soon.

Generally vacuum glass price varies from USD150-250/SQM.

How long can I trust vacuum glass?2021-12-23T04:10:07+00:00

HaanGlas vacuum glass lifetime is over 25 years,the gutter inside glass will continuous absorb the water and mositure penerated into the glass.After 25 years,the vacuum glass performance may decrease but won’t break.

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