World Main vacuum glass manufacturers

Vacuum glass,with 0.47w/m2.K thermal transmission,and extremely thin and light features,now is widely used in architectural ,household, and solar industry.

Since its innovation 1993 in Sydney,more and more factories invested in vacuum glass,vacuum glass technology also developed quite fast in past decades,from small to big,from non tempered to fully tempered,from low yield ratio to now over 90% yield ratio,thanks to the world scientist and developers contribution to the sustainable development.This article will analysis the main vacuum glass manufacturers around the world,their production technology and features.

Generally the main difference is glass sealing technology,most vacuum manufacturers use glass solders to seal the glass edge,the disadvantage is uneven glass stress.

Main Vacuum glass manufacturers

  1. NSG Group –Spacia

Since 1997,NSG &Pilkington keep the first generation vacuum technology and structure,keep developing and reached high quality and quantity.

Main features:

  • Non tempered glass,excellent thermal property with U value 0.7-1.4W/M.K,acoustic performance between 33-38Dbs which is much better than normal insulated glass.
  • Thin and light,minimum thickness 6.2mm,vacuum insulated glass overall thickness 21mm helps decreasing windows frame thickness and weight.
  • The edge sealing is 6-8mm,with firm evacuation holes.
  • Min size 200*350mm and Max 1350*2400mm.


In March 2019, Interpane worked with Panosinoc and built vacuum production line in Europe.It’s non tempered vacuum glass,thickness 6-10mm and Max size 1500*2500mm or 1600*2400mm,lowest U value 0.7W/M2.K.Mainly used in historical building renovation.


Min thickness 6.1mm non tempered vacuum glass,U value 0.7-0.9W/M2.K,with evacuation holes,with stripe shape gutters,minimum 150*150mm,Max 1300*2300mm,widely used in refrigeration industry.

In 2020,Panasonic launched tempered vacuum glass,Super-low-temperature Sealing Material” achieves sealing of tempered glass while maintaining its strength.

4.Landglass-Landvac vacuum glass

Different from other manufacturers that using glass solders,China Landvac use low temperature metal sealing ,fully tempered,with huge advantage because of the high glass strength and advance metal sealing,since2018,Landvac was once the only China vacuum glass manufacturer that can supply stable quality vacuum glass.

5.HaanGlas Vacuum glass.

HaanGlas worked with Leadus glass for international promotion.

In 2017,Leadus built a test line and produce Max 1500*2500mm vacuum glass.Low temperature metal sealing, 6.3mm minimum thickness ,fully tempered,by the end of 2021,HaanGlas is able to produce Max 1700*3200mm vacuum glass.

China vacuum glass manufacturers-HaanGlas vacuum glass

China vacuum glass manufacturers-HaanGlasvacuum glass

Below chart shows clearly the difference between the main manufacturers:

ItemNSG-SpaciaAGC-FineoPanasonic-GlavenirLANDVACHaanGlas VAC
Edge sealingGlass solderGlass SolderGlass solderMetalMetal
Min Thickness6.2mm6mm6mm8.3mm6.3mm
Min Size200*350mm150*150mm300*300mm300*300mm
Max size1350*2400mm1500*2500mm1600*2540mm1500*2500mm1700*3200mm
U value0.7-1.4W/M2.K0.7W/M2.K0.7-0.9W/M2.K0.4W/M2.K0.4-0.8W/M2.K
Evacuation holesYESNoYesYesNo

HaanGlas strive to be world NO.1 vacuum glass manufacturer and supplier in China,kindly contact us for more info.