China issued vacuum insulating glass standard -GB/T38586-2010 and implemented since 2021,Feb.

The standard offered detailed requirement for vacuum insulating glass,test methods,rules and packing,marks,shipping and storage.This article will have a brief summary of the standard requirement.

1.Size deviation.

L<1000mm , Size allowance ±2mm.

1000≤L≤2000mm,Size allowance +2,-3mm.

L≥2000mm,Size allowance ±3mm.

Rectangle shape vacuum insulating glass diagonal <0.2%.

Mismatch: 2mm,3mm,4mm for length <1000mm,1000-2000mm and >2000mm.

  1. Visual appearance.

Scratch:Liner scratch length <1000mm,width <1mm, Max 8 scratches is allowed within each square meters.

No dirt is allowed within the vacuum spacing.

Effective sealing edge width ≥5mm.

Max 1 chipping 10mm *2mm *1.5mm is allowed in each piece.

Micro pillars: even distance,Max 3 misplaced or repeated pillars is allowed in unit square meters,Max 5 pillars whose position is 1/3 larger than designed distance.

3.Flatness. Overall bow ≤0.3‰.

4.Thermal performance: Class I U value ≤ 1.0W/M2.K, Class II U value between 1-2 W/M2.K.

5.Acoustic performance ≥35 dB.

6.Weather accelerating test: For Class I VIG,thermal transmittance should decrease by Max 0.1W/m2.k, Class II VIG, thermal performance changes should within 10%.

Download the standard here:GBT38586-2020