The development of China vacuum insulating glass

The new corona virus epidemic sweeping the world has caused serious damage to economic development, but China’s vacuum insulating glass industry has risen. This posts will introduce typical China vacuum insulating glass manufacturers and the development.

1998-2018 Beijing Synergy

Established in 1998,Beijing Synergy was China’s first and the leader in VIG research,development,production.Before 2018, it has created many miracles and achieve great success.

  • The world VIG manufacturers producing tempered VIG
  • Theworld first commercial building with all VIG panels -Tianheng Mansion
  • The world first largest VIG glass buildings -Changshan Binjiang cultural park
VIG product produced by Synergy

VIG product produced by Synergy

The main feature of Synergy product is:

  • Tempered VIG
  • Glass solder sealing materials
  • With evacuation holes.

Thanks to Mr Tang Jianzheng and his team whom contribute 20 years to the VIG promotion.Unfortunately the company was closed in 2018 and technical staffs established other factories and keep producing VIG in Tianjin and Sichuan province.

Other China VIG manufacturers using similar technology include Hengda Glass,Werkman Glass,Rocky Glass etc.

The shortage of glass solder sealing and the end caps also bring problems,for example glass is easy to break because of uneven glass strength,and end cap always being the biggest point causing glass failure.

2017-Now Luoyang Landvac

In 2017,Landglass built the VIG continuous production ,The main difference and improvement is,Landvac used low temperature metal edge sealing materials to seal glass.

Since 2018 after Synergy stopped production,Landvac was once the only VIG manufacturers that can produce in large scale.

In 2019,Landvac sold about 50,000 SQM vacuum insulating glass and became the China largest VIG processor and exporter.



Landvac VIG

Landvac VIG

Landvac improved the VIG production process and the low temperature metal edge sealing solved glass strength problem.

  • The metal melting temperature is lower than glass solder and avoid glass anneal during sealing process.
  • Compared with glass solders,metal has better malleability,which means that metal can withstand bigger load during handing,installation and packing.

But Landvac VIG products also contain the evacuation holes,the end cap always 5-10mm thick and easy to be the point of VIG failure.

Then comes HaanGlas,whom improved VIG again and solved the problem.

2021- Now HaanGlas

HaanGlas is the new power in VIG development and production.

Since 2017,HaanGlas started researching and improving the production methods,the main improvement is ,change the original two-Step production method to One-Step production method,which means that VIG is sealed in high vacuum degree environment, evacuation holes and end caps are no longer necessary.

HaanGlas also adopt low temperature edge sealing technology and keep glass uniform strength and good bending strength.

HaanGlas VIG is flat,no evacuation holes and end caps are required

HaanGlas VIG is flat,no evacuation holes and end caps are required

The benefit of flat VIG glass panels are:

a.We can ensure that every piece glass has the same U value. For other VIG manufacturers,there’s always some air back into the glass before sealing the hole,as glass size&area are different,so it’s hard to ensure the same stable U value.

b.We can ensure uniform glass strength. For others,manufacturers have to drill holes on glass which will result in high stress around the holes and cause higher glass breakage ratio.

C.The end caps bring difficulty in packing,handling and installation and always become the main reason for glass failure.Without end-cap,all these problem can be solved.

HaanGlas will be the vacuum glazing leader and change people’s daily life.

In past decades, more and more factories has invested in VIG industry and keep improve VIG,whether in safety,performance,life time,production efficiency and costs,reliability etc.

Now the vacuum insulating glass has changed from initial anneal VIG to now tempered VIG without evacuation holes and end caps,the next task is to increase the production efficiency and decrease costs and apply VIG in more projects.

Now even though VIG production methods are different,but our aim is to decrease energy consumption and realize net zero early.