What shall I do if glass failed?

Please collect the photos and videos,as well as the size list to replace.

HaanGlas offer 15 years warranty,once confirming that it’s vacuum glass quality problem,we will

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What the glass U value means?

U value means the heat transmitted through the glass,the less the better.

Normal 6-12-6 insulated glass has an U value 1.65w/m2.k, triple glazing(thickness 48mm) with 2

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Can I have different colors and light transmittance?

Yes,our vacuum glass coating database include single silver,double silver,triple silver,online low-E coatings with different light transmittance and SHGC.

Low-E coating on body tinted glass (blue,grey,bronze,greenetc)  is

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Can you produce complicated vacuum glass?

Yes,despite normal 6.3mm,8.3mm,10.3mm, the vacuum glass can be further processed to be laminated vacuum glass,vacuum insulated glass,vacuum fireproof glass,vacuum BIPV glass,vacuum thermochromic glass etc.

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What’s the price of vacuum glass?

Vacuum glass price is decided by the size varieties,project quantity,and project location.

Every project is different,please submit your project info ,our sales will answer very soon.


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