HaanGlas produced Solarban 72 vacuum insulated glass

In early May, HaanGlas produced Vacuum insulated glass with Solarban 72 successfully.

Triple silver low-E -solarban 72 vacuum insulated glass

Triple silver low-E -solarban 72 vacuum insulated glass_

Solarban 72 is world famous low-E coating products,with highest visible light transmittance and best possible SHGC,it has widely been used in worldwide LEED awarded projects.

The coating contains 3 layers silver ,been coated on low iron glass,and produced by Vitro (formerly PPG).

Solarban 72 production require mature management team and high requirement on production equipment.

Taking advantage of HaanGlas Glaston TC series tempering furnace,HaanGlas is able to ensure the glass flatness for VIG sealing process.

Benefiting from the ultra lowest glass emissivity, HaanGlas is able to bring new possibility to global project architects and facade designer.

The creative VIG will extend its application in glass facade,windows restoration,conservatory ,etc and bring more comfort.

Through applying Solarban 72 in vacuum insulating glass, customer will enjoy the world highest visible light,lowest U value,and best SHGC (Cold sunlight).

Compared with normal insulated glass with Solarban 72, VIG with Solarban 72 is more elegant ,more thin and more trustworthy.

Glass CombinationLT%U-SummerU-WinterSHGC
6 Solarban 72+12AR+6721.281.370.31
6 Solarban 72+0.3V+6720.50.460.30
6 Solarban 72+0.3V+6+12AR+6 670.460.420.28

HaanGlas strive to improve the vacuum insulating glass production method and technology and contribute more to a green world.

Vacuum glass produced by Haanglas-F green + dual silver low-E

Vacuum glass produced by Haanglas-F green + dual silver low-E