HaanGlas Single VIG & hybrid VIG got IGCC certified

After 136 days test from early June 2022, to 20th,Oct,2022,HaanGlas hybrid IVIG passed ASTM E2190 and finally get IGCCC certified.

Tested glass combination:

CERT#: 5961   8.3 VIGT, single vacuum insulating glass.

CERT#: 5692  8.3 VIG +12AR+ 4,hybrid vacuum insulating glass.

HaanGlas hybrid vacuum insulating glass-IGCC certificate

HaanGlas hybrid vacuum insulating glass-IGCC certificate

What’s IGCC?

IGCC(Insulating Glass Certification Council)/IGMA(Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance) is the third party sponsor of a certification program, which provides for the certification of sealed insulating glass for seal durability per ASTM E 2190 “Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance and Evaluation” and for Gas Content Initial and After Weathering (GCIA).

IGCC/IGMA additionally requires licensees to have a quality assurance program for the fabrication of insulating glass. Effective 1/1/09, IGCC/IGMA will require IGCC/IGMA Certified Fabrication Facilities to have a quality system – which meets the minimum requirements of IGMA TM-4000-02(07) – Insulating Glass Manufacturing Quality Procedure Manual.

Test procedure:

Tests was based on ASTM E2188 containing 2 phases:

  1. 14& 28 days High humidity phase in an 60±3℃ and 95±5% relative humidity.
  2. 252 cycles weather cycle phase. From -29℃ to 60℃ temperature cycles to simulate the weather changes.

After weather acceleration test,check whether the hybrid VIG dew point and air concentration comply with standard requirement.

The IGCC certified hybrid VIG will bring confidence to real estate developers,architect,facade designers to apply hybrid vacuum insulating glass in new buildings and historical building renovation.

Combining with SGCC certificate which proves our glass safety,more VIG and hybrid VIG can be used in high rise buildings instead of low buildings.

hybrid vacuum insulating glass -add extra panels and spacer will help keep glass safety and impact resistance as well as glass thermal performance

hybrid vacuum insulating glass -add extra panels and spacer will help keep glass safety and impact resistance as well as glass thermal performance

Suggestions to using hybrid VIG in buildings.

  1. As there’s no application regulations when using VIG and hybrid VIG in buildings,HaanGlas suggest the tempered or heat strengthened monolithic panel to be installed outside,and VIG panels to be inside.

Tempered monolithic has higher strength and wind resistance,which can offer better safety security especially in hurricane weather.

  1. By adding additional spacer ,hybrid VIG can remedy the shortage of single vacuum glazing ,especially the glass edge thermal conductivity.HaanGlas certified spacer is PHSS(Plastic hybrid stainless steel), whom can also help decreasing overall windows U value, HaanGlas is able to offer TPS and 4SG spacerto guarantee longer lifetime and better sealing effect.
  2. Even though argon filled hybrid vacuum glazing was tested,the argon won’t contribute much to overall glass thermal conductivity,it’s optional process for customers.
  3. Monolithic exterior panel can be triple silver low-E,for example dual silver low-E,triple silver low-E ,combing with excellent U value of VIG itself,glass overall U value is expected to reach 0.35 or even less.Meanwhile overall glass LSG is far superior than double glazing,after calculation,glass LSG can reach awesome 2.4.

Now,let’s see how fantastic the U value of hybrid VIG,calculation with Window 7.5 based on NFRC100/200 standard, VIG U value is based on INTERTEK test report -8.3S1.16 ,U value 0.48W/M2.K.

Glass CombinationLight transmittanceU valueSHGC


HaanGlas offers turnkey vacuum double glazing solutions, SGCC/IGCC certified to ensure safety and long durable lifetime.

Thinnest possible VIG,extremely light weight,fantastic thermal conductivity,36dBS soundproof performance will help you getting comfortable living environment and save the most energy in next 20 years.