The importance of Lead free vacuum glazing

Recently ,HaanGlas VIG Pro passed ROHS test and proved its safety when applied in windows,doors,and buildings.

What’s Lead?

Lead is a toxic heavy metal. Its wide spread production and use have caused serious effects on environmental safety and human health, such as toxic effects to the developing brain, nervous system, kidneys and reproductive system.

  • Lead can be bio-accumulated in animals and human bones for many years.
  • Lead can affect human body systems and organs
  • Lead has a permanent harmful effect
  • Lead can be accumulated in the environment permanently

Lead has a severe effect on the embryo and infant. Lead paint is one of the largest sources of lead exposure to children globally causing 600,000 new cases of intellectual disability among children every year.

In the past,Lead is widely used in VIG sealing materials,especially glass solder sealed VIG,the function of Lead is to work as lubricant and help to increase the bonding strength between glass and sealing materials.

Unlucky our Basic version VIG also contains lead, after glass installation,it won’t cause direct pollution and won’t cause serious injury.Because the Vacuum space thickness is just 0.15mm and most sealing materials are inside the glass and bonding 2 monolithic panels permanently .Once glass broken,the glass waste will pollute environment.

Glass sealing materials bond VIG permanently and keep high vacuum degree,thickness usually 0.15-0.3mm

Glass sealing materials bond VIG permanently and keep high vacuum degree,thickness usually 0.15-0.3mm

Traditional solder sealed VIG usually contain lead ,even though there’s also lead free solder materials ,while price is 3-5 times that of normal solders,which will cause the significant price increase and limit the promotion of vacuum insulated glass.


HaanGlas VIG Pro use low temperature metal sealing materials ,this innovation abandoned the rely on Lead, the yellow silk screen edges offers much better bonding strength and enable the glass stability and bonding strength.

If any glass broken,lead free vacuum insulating glass won’t become toxic waste and avoid further negative effect to people and environment.

The core content of the RoHS is to restrict the use of toxic substances in electrical and electronic equipment, protect the environment, provide green consumption, and realize the elimination and harmlessness of production and consumption.

Vacuum insulating glass RIHS test report against Lead

Vacuum insulating glass ROHS test report against Lead

After testing,HaanGlas VIG Pro don’t contain Cadmium, no mercury and no hexavalent chromium.Lead component is just 5% that of limit,which proves our vacuum insulated glass is safety and environmental friendly.

HaanGlas offers turnkey vacuum glazing solutions ,kindly contact us for your next green building.