HaanGlas Produced oversized vacuum insulated glass

Today,HaanGlas produced tempered oversized vacuum insulated glass 1300*2900mm ,broke the VIG length record.

For many years,the Max size of vacuum insulated glass was limited to 1500*2500mm,which limited the vacuum glazing application in large glass facade,and cannot realize the expected building envelope design appearance,designers were forced to change design and split glass into more smaller panels.

The VIG panels produced is HaanGlas Basic version,glass combination 6mm S1.16 +0.3V+6mm tempered glass,unit panel weight 113kgs, glass light transmittance 80%, U value 0.58W/M2.K.After testing,the VIG was qualified and will supply more panels to China local projects.


The difficulty in producing large panel VIG include:

  1. Glass flatness:VIG production has extremely strict requirement on monolithic tempered glass flatness,as the vacuum space thickness is just 0.15mm,if glass overall wrap and local wrap cannot comply with requirement, VIG both panels will hold together and affect VIG overall strength and cause high breakage ratio.
  2. Larger panels contains more pillars and longer linear length,which brings up the failure possibility.
  3. Larger panels are more thick and heavy,which has high bonding strength requirement on the sealing materials.
  4. Larger VIG panels has bigger vacuum space ,which will result in higher U value if vacuum degree inside don’t meet the expected high vacuum degree.
HaanGlas produced large panel VIG width 1300 height 2900mm

HaanGlas produced large panel VIG width 1300 height 2900mm

The successful production of large vacuum insulated glass will fit larger glass facade ,for example unitized curtain wall for public buildings,commercial buildings,and will help the earlier large scale application of vacuum insulating glass.

Our new plant and new vacuum insulating lines is under installation,HaanGlas is expected to supply Max 2000*3000mm tempered vacuum insulating glass in early 2023.

HaanGlas oversized vacuum insulated glass length 2900mm

HaanGlas oversized vacuum insulated glass length 2900mm

Even though HaanGlas is able to produce oversized vacuum insulating glass,here we still recommend architects and designers to consider oversized VIG seriously before confirming the final facade design.

1.Currently there’s only 2 VIG standard,China standard and ISO standard,both standards have very basic and simple regulations,for example size, U value test methods,soundproof performance test method,durability test methods, they don’t contain requirement on glass safety performance,wind resistance etc.

2.VIG projects in the world are very limited.

There’s no technical regulations for VIG application in windows&doors, glass facades,especially when used in high rise buildings.

We must consider the safety when applying large panels,especially glass thickness, equivalent thickness,wind resistance,impact resistance,bending strength,deflection, as well as the necessity to further process hybrid VIG etc.

3.Large VIG ,itself also has some shortages ,for example, larger panel will have bigger warping,after installation becauseof wind,and temperature, deforming will cause higher breakage ratio,oversized VIG itself also has high installation requirement,especially glass handling,protection before installation,and the washers&padding between glass & frame.


HaanGlas offers turnkey vacuum glazing solution ,we strive to develop more mature VIG technology to increase glass production efficiency and decrease overall costs to promote VIG worldwide,kindly contact us for your next great net zero buildings.