Vacuum glass as a new generation of energy-efficient glass, this article will introduce the vacuum glass advantage.

These years to increase the traditional insulated glass  thermal insulation performation,more and more technology are used in the IGU,including:

Filling argon or other low conductivity gas in the insulating glass.

Replace high thermal conductivity aluminium spacer with lower ones,steel,warm edge spacer,superspacer ,TPS etc.

Increase glass thickness and apply more low-E coatings on glass surface.

The result is,glass is becoming thicker and thicker,for some airport glass,thickness reach 60mm and even 70mm .Meanwhile the profile frames used in the windows or facade is also becoming more and more big,overall costs increase significantly,whether it’s plastic PVC,Aluminium windows,or wood windows.While vacuum glass solved this problem absolutely because  the vacuum state can eliminate the heat transfer of the gas, so that the advantages of LOW-E glass can be fully utilized.

Plastic windows with triple glass unit

Plastic windows with triple glass unit

Vacuum Glass Advantage

1.1 Comparison of heat transfer between vacuum glass and insulated glass

Vacuum glass can be likened to a flat-shaped thermos flask. The 0.3mm thick vacuum space eliminate the heat transfered through the gas ,which will decrease the thermal transmittance.

Our test shows 10.3mm vacuum insulating glass with double silver low-E ,U value 0.47W/M2.K,if low-E coatings with lower emissivity is applied,the U value can decrease again to 0.4W/M2.K or even lower.

For insulated glass,even if triple glass units with 2 layers double silver low-E,argon filled,and warm edge spacer,the minimum U value is 0.6W/M2.K.The problem is ,because 2 layers low-E coatings are used,the glass light transmittance will decrease to only 55%,which is not liked by high altitude areas which require higher light transmittance and high SHGC.

GlassThicknessLT %U valueSHGC
5+0.3v+5 double silver low-E10.3MM69%0.470.57
5LE +16AR+5LE+16AR+547MM55%0.600.32

2. Since the interval is a vacuum, it has the following advantages:

(1) Good sound insulation performance, especially low-frequency sound insulation performance is superior to insulated glass composed of the same thickness of glass.
(2) There is no internal fog condensation problem in the presence of insulated glass,lowest dew point reach -70℃.
(3) There is no problem of  thermal conductivity change when the insulated glass is placed horizontally,vacuum glass can be installed horizonally,vertically and any angles without chaning the U value.
(4) There is no problem of expansion or contraction caused by different air pressure.

(5)Due to high thermal resistance, anti-condensation and frosting performance is better.

3.Vacuum glass has high strength.

Since the two sheets of glass form a rigid joint, the wind pressure resistance is higher than that of the glass of the same thickness. For example, a vacuum glass made of 4mm glass has a wind pressure resistance higher than 8mm thick glass, which is more than 1.5 times that of insulated glass made of 4mm glass.

vacuum glass can be installed in windows

vacuum glass can be installed in windows

4.Vacuum glass is light and thin.

The thickness is only half that of the insulated glass, which is even thinner than same combination laminated glass,which make it perfect for historical building renovation ,customer don’t need to change the windows frame and keep the style of original building.

It not only saves the window frame material, but also can be further processed to increase the vacuum glass perfromance,for example vacuum laminated glass,vacuum insulated glass,vacuum solar glass,and other combinations.

The application prospect of vacuum glass on the curtain wall

The application of vacuum glass on the curtain wall is still in its infancy, and there are still many problems to be solved. However, we cannot ignore the huge potential of vacuum glass in the field of glass curtain walls.
For glass materials, the thermal insulation performance of vacuum glass is currently in a leading position.
With the development of technology, in the near future, we can use LOW-E glass with lower emissivity and also make the thermal conductivity of the vacuum glass support pillars smaller.

Even though there’s being over 20 China glass factories researching and developing vacuum glass technology,but only few of them has the ability to offer 15 years warranty and stable quality.

After 4 years test and production,HaanGlas vacuum glass now is available in large scale,all our vacuum glass are produced in 77,000 sqaure production base,we offer 15 years warranty,perfect vacuum glass made in China now is promoting.

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