Vacuum glass is becoming the new trend of energy efficient glass,with the development of new technology,vacuum glass costs is decrease these years and becoming more and more popular.Here we find 8 differences vacuum glass VS insulated glass.

vacuum glass VS insulated glass

Energy conservation and environment protection
◆Super light—reduce building load-bearing and decrease building cost,vacuum glass is always 6.3mm,8.3mm,and10.3mm,with according weight 15kgs,20kgs and 25kgs/sqm.
◆Super thin—Insulated glass minimum thickness is 20mm,to achieve the same thermal performance vacuum glass,insulated glass thickness should be at least 45mm.
Vacuum glass Min thickness is only 6.3-10.3mm,reduce the use of frame materials,especially aluminium profiles/PVC profiles and increase light transmittance,this feature also leaves more creative space for architect,meanwhile becoming a perfect replacement for old window renovation.
◆Super energy efficient- Normal insulated glass with single silver low-E,double silver low-E and triple silver low-E,the U value are 1.8,1.65,1.6,the thermal insulation effect is achieved by the air between glass and low-E coating,the minimum U value of triple glass units with low-E,argon is 0.6W/M2.K,which is far surpass that of vacuum glass.
While vacuum glass,there’s no air between glass,even without any low-E coating,the vacuum glass U value can achieve 1.6W/M2.K,if applied with double silver low-e coating,the U value can decrease to 0.5 or even less.
◆Environment protection-decrease the coal consumption for power generation applied in refrigeration and heating, reduce the discharge of harmful gas, such as CO2 and decrease environmental pollution! It has already become an optimum new building material which can meet low-carbon building requirements.

Vacuum-glass VS insulated glass

Vacuum-glass VS insulated glass

◆Noise control:Vacuum glass offers better sound acoustic glass than traditional insulated glass. especially on low-mid frequency;
◆Wind resistance is 2 times greater than that of Insulation glass which is more durable, stable and reliable.
◆It is free from burst in plateau low pressure area as Insulated glass.

◆Glass processors offer 10 years warranty for insulated glass,but vacuum glass,now we offer 15years warranty,the gutter will continuously absord the water and moisture penetrateinto the glass and ensure over 25 years long lifetime.After 25 years,the vacuum glass perfomnance may decrease slightly but will also keep high efficiency thermal insulation.

In China,there’re over 4000 insulated glass processors,but only less than 20 vacuum glass manufacturers have the ability to manufacture and supply stable quality vacuum insulating glass products.The main reasons are:

1.Different sealing technology.

The technology used in vacuum glass sealing include glass powder solders and low temperature metal solders.

For glass powder solder sealing ,as the solders temperature must be near glass softening point during sealing process,but the high temperature will cause already tempered glass annealed again to original solver this problem,glass factories always temper the glass with high stress 130-145Mpa,so after sealing,the tempered glass stress will decrease again to normally 60-90Mpa.

The shortage of this sealing technology is ,the whole glass panel stress is uneven and there would be 15-20Mpa stress difference .Beside that ,the evacuation holes will have much higher stress,that’s the reason why vacuum glass made with glass powder solders have high self breaking ratio.

Meanwhile,the glass powder solders will contain lead(cause glass edge to be black color) and Iron (cause glass edge to green color).

vacuum glass structure-low temperature metal edge sealing

vacuum glass structure-low temperature metal edge sealing

Low temperature metal sealing won’t cause tempered glass anneal again during vacuum edge sealing ,no evacuation hole design also helps even stress.Currenly in China,only Landvac vacuum glass and HaanGlas vaccum glass use low temperature metal sealing technology and ensure stable high quality production.

2.Different purpose.

Even though over 20 glass processors announced developing vacuum glass products,but many of  their purpose is to get government financial subsidy,no large scale production.

Now HaanGlas vacuum glass can be further processed and been made into hybrid vacuum glass:

Vacuum hurricane proof glass: Vacuum glass +PVB/SGP+glass.

Vacuum bird friendly glass: Vaccum glass-the inner panel can be silk screen with lines or dots.

Vacuum solar glass: Photovoltaic glass +12A +Vacuum glass

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