5 Benefits of applying VIG in commercial renovation

Vacuum insulating glass,or VIG,is new generation high energy efficiency glass,with its super low thermal conductivity,super thin and light,super noise reduction,and super structural performance,VIG is expected to be replace insulating glass that is widely used now and ,in commercial building renovation.

Even if the world richest people ,Bill Gates,who concerns about climate changes,invested several energy sector companies,including Turntide technologies,Blue world technologies ,Dandelion and Luxwall,all these companies focus on carbon reduction and new energy.

Bill Gates has invested in energy industry,including vacuum insulating glass

Bill Gates has invested in energy industry,including vacuum insulating glass

Commercial glazing refurbishment is an considerable desicion for building owners because the huge investment take lots time and risks ,Applying VIG(vacuum insulating glass) in commercial  renovation ,or commercial glazing refurbishment will bring 5 benefits to investors and owners.

  1. VIG  will help up to 60% energy costs saving

In general, since the windows profile accounts for about 30% of the entire window, and the glass accounts for about 70% .Decreasing the thermal conductivity of glass will affect much windows overall thermal property.

The minimum heat transfer coefficient of plastic casement windows can only reach about 2.1 W/m2·K, and the lowest U value of thermal break aluminum window is 2.1 W/m2·K, the emergence of low-emissivity coating (Low-E) vacuum glass has solved this problem.

Glass Combination6C+9A+66LOWE +9A+66LOWE +0.3V+6
Glass U value2.71.80.6
60 Plastic windows2.72.11.3
55 thermal break aluminium windows3.12.51.6

Above table shows the U value of different combination glass and the windows overall U value,by replacing insulating glass to vacuum insulating glass,overall windows thermal property increased by 50%.

As many commercial buildings built before 2000 still use single glazing whose U value is 5.8W/M2.K,replacing these glass will save up to 60% energy costs.

  1. VIG installation won’t affect tenant daily life and work.

The biggest concern and barrier when reforming commercial buildings,is the time used and tenant lost.The overall renovation process will take at least 6 months,but need at least 6-12 months preparing, and future re-leasing works..

Imagining what will happen if a hotel stopping business and take 12-24 months to renovate….

The appearance of vacuum insulating glass,is it’s thin and light.

VIG can be installed without changing original windows frame,faster installation won't affect people life

VIG can be installed without changing original windows frame,faster installation won’t affect people life

Many historical building and commercial buildings has very thin frame which don’t allow owners to install thick insulating glass,and for glass facade structure,after years rusting and corrosion,the overall structural don’t allow owners to install heavy triple glazing.

Vacuum insulating glass can be installed directly without changing original windows frame,and for glass facade, VIG can be installed directly on original glass.

The renovation work can be shortened at least 3 times,customers can finish renovation work within 3 months,and the replacing work is finished part by part,the work will not affect people’s daily life and work,avoid tenant lost and future complicated work.

  1. Decreasing installation costs.

The traditional commercial renovation work need series equipment,cranes,lifting machines,the leasing costs is high and it takes much labors and time to replace glass.

The operation is affected by weather,temperature,wind, workers have to uninstall original glass,and install new glass,it takes equipment,high leasing fees,and big site to place all these equipment and materials.

That’s the reason why renovation works high costs.

Traditional facade renovation takes much labor,costs and time,result in high costs

Traditional facade renovation takes much labor,costs and time,result in high costs

Vacuum insulating glass replacement works can be finished indoor instead of outdoor.

For windows,VIG can be changed directly indoor.

For glass facades,VIG can be bonded with original glass panels from interior and work together with original glass.

High efficiency,low costs,why not?

  1. Complying with carbon tax laws and avoid penalty,instead to get tax credit.

In North America, a number of municipalities have embraced the terms of the Paris Climate Accord. Many cities are asking citizens to take personal and political action to combat climate change.Many Provincial, State and Municipal Governments have taken additional steps; passing laws that mandate deep energy cuts.In New York,necessary building upgrades must be finished before 2024,or huge penalty will be fined.until the building is upgraded, and will double, and triple over the next decade.

The Inflation Reduction Act support investment in energy efficient and low Carbon buildings, IRA support investment in energy -efficient and low-Carbon buildings,it expand tax credits to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,especially Section 179D:
The Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient credit, or 179D, increases the deduction for properties that achieve higher levels of efficiency offering $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot for businesses achieving 25 to 50 percent reductions in energy use over existing building performance standards.

The earlier upgrading your commercial buildings,the more tax credit,government subsidy and avoid future penalty.

  1. Much faster payback time.

Even though vacuum insulating glass price is much higher than double glazing,but for commercial renovation projects,VIG saves the costs and time in renovation.

VIG lifetime is expected to reach 25 years and continuously save energy used in cooling and heating.

By upgrading the single glazing,and normal double glazing to VIG will also help increasing your property value and increase leasing rate, attract more tenant and also ,higher rental.

All these positive points will contribute to at least 2 times faster payback time ,and continuous benefits.

Commercial renovation need the help of vacuum insulating glass

Commercial renovation need the help of vacuum insulating glass


Renovate your commercial buildings,whether it’s supermarket,office buildings,hotels,VIG will bring surprise.

HaanGlas is your turnkey vacuum insulating glass manufacturer,contact us for your commercial glazing refurbishment project.

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